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18 March
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LIVE IN: Berlin / Germany
I LIKE : music (*), asian girls (especially japanese girls - they are the cutest of all),
horror movies (like Scared, The red shoes, Ju-On, Cold prey), reading books (the most are older crime stories),
U.S. cars with big V 8 machines. Interested in all of Japan and the living there - it is the most beautiful country with the friendliest people in the world.
to * : music --- I´m a really big Johnnys fan - yeah, I´m male AND I love Johnnys!
I think Johnnys is not for girls only - good music, great performances
and very talented kids are for everyone. See every Shonen Club - that´s the best
music show in the world! My absolutely favourites are Nakajima Yuto and Kyomoto Taiga (love their voice and dance) and Matsushima So. Furthermore favs: Yaotome Hikaru (he´s so funny) and the complete NEWS (great band with great songs). I was a big fan of Ya-Ya-yah (so many good songs - it was a fine time). My favourite Johnnys tracks: KinKi Kids - Honey Rider and Boku no Senaka ni wa hane ga aru, NEWS - Taiyo no namida, Ya-Ya-yah - Ha-ru-Na-tsu-A-ki-Fu-yu and Baby babe. Outside of Johnnys I like Disco music of the 70´s, Rock music of the 80´s and Eurodance of the 90´s.